Atlas Shrugged

Author: Ayn Rand

First Sentence:
"Who is John Galt?"

Rating: *

Hooked or Not:
Hooked despite the disappointing opener

My two cents:
It is painful to write this because of my admiration for the author, but the opening line of this novel was a dud. It didn't do the legendary Ayn Rand justice. Atlas Shrugged has been a bestseller for 4 decades, is listed as the second most influential book of all time, is still on the Amazon bestseller list and is considered required reading by many of the country's most successful corporate executives. Alan Greenspan the former chief of the Federal Reserve calls it one of his favorite books, and John P. Mackey CEO of Whole Foods says it was crucial to his success. At 1200 pages, it is no joke. I'm only on page 150 but I can confidently say, I'm in for the long haul.